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Arena Tower Defense

The Defense wiki was created by SlasherZA, who wanted to make a wiki to share information. Today, its become the #1 source in the community to find information on almost anything game related - from trivia, lore to past events. Today, the Defense wiki is lead by enews, who also leads a staff team that helps with various tasks in the wiki. The wiki is a Fandom A+ Wiki, and has gained an official wiki partnership.

Arena Ballistic

The Ballistic was the first of ArenaDev wikis, with Arena Ballistic being the first major game being developed on by ArenaDev. This wiki was started by Main Developers Billie and Deadox, before being taken over in 2022 by Bubblybonbon and enews. The staff team that handles Ballistic is the same team that works on Defense.


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Statistics for achivements were only recorded when the badge feature was added. Although this was very very early on, some users may find that their edits to badge ratio is not accurate. Sorry but this is a Fandom limitation. For the Lucky Badge, this badge is awarded each time 1000 edits are made – one user will receive it for the 1000th edit, another for the 2000th edit, and so on. Separately, for badges given out by staff, these are generally manually reviewed, and can take a few minuites to reflect its changes. If there are still issues please contact us in the support channel.

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